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What Are Antitrust Laws?

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The U.S. Department of Justice and various states are preparing to sue Google for antitrust violations. 

The DOJ and a group of state attorneys general are planning to file lawsuits in the coming months, according to the WSJ, with the DOJ expected to file as soon as this summer. The government bodies may pursue those cases independently or eventually merge them into one, but the antitrust claims are said to focus on Google’s advertising business, reported TheStreet's Annie Gaus.

"Prior reports have indicated that the ad tech probes partly revolve around how Google integrates its ad server for third-party websites and apps (previously known as DoubleClick for Publishers) with its own ad exchange for connecting advertisers and publishers (previously known as AdX). In 2018, Google placed both of these offerings into a broader ad tech platform known as Google Ad Manager," TheStreet's Eric Jhonsa wrote in his Real Money column on antitrust.

Gaus noted that an antitrust lawsuit against Google might take years and would require a "high bar" in proving that the company broke the law. 

But, let's back up. What are antitrust laws?

Rebecca Rose Woodland, litigator and legal analyst, joined TheStreet to break it down. 

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