What an Economic Downturn Could Mean for M&A

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Is there an economic downturn on the horizon? 

Many people are concerned that yes, there is an economic downturn on the horizon. 

So, what would that mean for M&A activity?

Karen Davies, senior vice president, and managing director with Huntington Commercial Bank sat down with TheStreet to talk about the state of the economy and the sectors that she's watching. 

Here's what Davies had to say about the economy. 

"Well, it's a newsworthy time to be talking about that. Obviously, we have some indicators in the past that people would say with an inverted yield curve with tariff issues in China, the cost to do business if you're reliant on China or doing business in China will certainly affect certain businesses, especially if you're very reliant. I think we'll just have to wait to see how that tariff side plays out. But the underpinnings are the indices, the economic indicators are that GDP is still positive, not at the clip it was in the first quarter. I think for the view for the year is that it's still going to remain in that 2% range. Fed funds, interest rates are very low," said Davies. 

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