What American Investors Should Be Watching Overseas: Conning Global CIO

Here's what American investors need to keep an eye on in Europe.
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Are you paying attention to the global markets?

Rich Sega, global chief investment officer at Conning--a global asset management firm--sat down with TheStreet to break down what American investors need to know about Europe right now. 

"Well I think the problems that have risen to the fore a few months ago with Italy's budget and trying to reconcile the demands on the European Central Bank (ECB) and the pressure on the Euro those are maybe ameliorated for now but they're not over," he said. "They'll continue what has been going on in fits and starts for some years and I think it still will be that way. So it's hard to see that the removal of monetary accommodation that they've planned for and started at the end of the year. I don't know how long that persists. The pressures may just as folks are talking about in the U.S. maybe the Fed will have to start easing again maybe the ECB will have to do that too. So I think that there's it's a little grimmer than than it could be if there weren't, if you didn't have those budgetary problems in the southern tier."

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