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Corey Goldman: WeWork parent company, We Co. is choosing the Nasdaq as the place where it's going to be listing its upcoming share offering. Now news now this morning alongside a bunch of corporate governance changes which investors are scrutinizing simply because a lot of the disclosure that the company has announced since it decided to go public in the middle of August, not being taken kindly by investors, issues such as a large losses larger than normal share ownership structure, particularly by Adam Neumann, the CEO and his family. So large insider sales and most importantly about 17 billion in commercial loan obligations that if the company has some issues in terms of facing an economic downturn and something that's tenant's leaving, investors are worried that they would have a bit of an issue covering that off. So a lot to look at. The company is looking to list, at least start trading sometime around September 23rd and as mentioned, Nasdaq is going to be their home of choice. So, remains to be seen. For, I am Corey Goldman.

WeWork's parent company, We Co., has chosen to list its shares on Nasdaq and plans sweeping changes in its governance as the shared-workspace provider moves closer to its highly scrutinized initial public offering.

However, skepticism over the company's governance as well as its economic model and balance sheet have plagued its IPO since it was first announced last month, leading to a valuation of what is expected to be around $20 billion -- less than half the $47 billion expected when its IPO plans were first announced.

A number of issues have clouded the company's path toward going public, including large losses, management's larger-than-normal share of votes and large insider share sales in the private market by CEO Adam Neumann. 

Most troubling, however, have been concerns that the company's $17 billion in global commercial lease obligations will be difficult to shoulder if the economy sours and demand for shared workspace falls.

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