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The Story of Western Union and How It Helped Keep Us Connected

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Dating back to the 1850's, Western Union has had a long history of drawing people closer together.

From telegraphs to maintaining its own fleet of communications satellites, the company is one of the most reliable and efficient money transfer service providers.

But how did the company land that honor?

Well, let's take it back to 1856.

That year, New York & Western Union Telegraph Company was started by Ezra Cornell who was an associate of Samuel Morse.

A few years later, the company opened the first transcontinental telegraph in 1861. Ten years later the telephone replaced the telegraph, and money transfer becomes its primary business.

Now in 2019, the company is still thriving and is set to report earnings after the bell on Thursday, August 1st.

How will the company do?

You'll just have to stick with TheStreet for the coverage and more, but in the meantime here's a brief walk through the company's history above.

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