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WatchOS 6: 4 Big Changes Coming to the Apple Watch

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Apple wants Apple Watch to be a must have, not a nice-to-have. 

WatchOS 6, unveiled at Apple's WWDC on Monday, is a big part of that vision. Now with its own app store, and the ability to download apps directly on your phone without the need for an iPhone companion app, it's a more independent device. 

WatchOS 6 also adds more apps tailor-made for the watch, such as Audiobooks, Calculator and Voice Memos. 

There's are also a bunch of new watch interfaces and snazzy new design features to keep you engaged. 

Lastly, watchOS 6 adds a number of useful new health features, such as improved activity tracking and reminders, an app for tracking menstrual cycles, and a feature for testing hearing. 

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