Watching Treasury Yields? Why Mortgage Rates Matter Too

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Let's talk yields...

The 10-year yield on Tuesday fell to its lowest level against the two-year rate since 2007. On Wednesday, the two-year Treasury yield was 1.516%, while the yield on the 10-year was at 1.468%. The 30-year yield hit a new record low of 1.9072% on Wednesday and recently traded at 1.918%.

Jim Cramer is off Wednesday morning, so Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst with Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS, joined TheStreet to talk about treasury yields and his advice for investors who are worried.

Marks says that he doesn't think that investors should just be paying attention to a specific treasury yield, but also to mortgage rates. 

"There may not be one specific one because they're all gonna have to trade in tandem. So for like the twos and tens, obviously the market's keying off that right now what you're seeing is you know, correlation, whether it's the right correlation or not, but when you're seeing yields fall, you're seeing equities fall. But I also think at the same time you need to pay attention to mortgage rates," explained Marks. 

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