Watch Out for These Tax Forms

Your tax documents are coming and you need to keep track of them.
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Let's face it, there's been no real reason to get the mail since they stopped sending the Victoria's Secret catalog earlier this year.

But this time of year -- you do -- Mainly because your tax documents are coming and you need to keep track of them.

That includes your email inbox too. Many tax docs come via email now.

Keep all that stuff together -- either in an old-school folder or create one in your email, drop and drag everything into one place so it's all ready for you.

Actually look at the forms -- it's not uncommon for them to have errors -- so check that out.

Here are 4 things to be aware of:

Your W-2 May Actually Be Delayed - because the IRS added a 16-digit verification code to 50 million forms -- it's part of a test to reduce identity theft. if you get one of these codes -- dont sweat it -- just report it on your return.

If you did consulting or freelance work and earned $600 or more, you'll get a 1099 from each company you worked for.

If you worked in the sharing economy -- Uber, Airbnb, etc -- and got paid through credit or debit cards or from a 3rd part processor -- like PayPal, Amazon or eBay, you may get a 1099-K. The numbers on this form will need to go on your tax return, so save it.

Finally the Form 1095 is your healthcare form -- you only really need it if you bought health care on an exchange - if so you got a 1095 A

Now granted -- none of this stuff is as sexy as that fabulous victoria;s secret catalog, but it's just as important.