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Waste Management Wants Millennials to See the Good in Garbage

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When you think of Waste Management (WM) , you probably think about the big green truck coming to haul your trash off on trash day. 

But the company is more than just trash. 

John Morris, COO of Waste Management, talked to TheStreet about how the company is using technology to appeal to younger investors and how changing consumer trends have caused the company to rethink its balance sheet

So what is Waste Management doing in terms of appealing to the younger generations and how the company is approaching recycling and natural gas. 

"First of all those behavioral changes with some of those influencers is something we're paying close attention to. But I think when you look at the portfolio of the company and there's a handful of areas I would point to. First of all, and you know, traditional recycling, we're the largest recycler in North America. We'll process about five million tons a year and we'll sell about 11 million tons all over the planet. We have a global export team that looks for markets all over domestically, Canada and then obviously around the world."

"I think when you go a little deeper into what we're doing around sustainability there are a few other examples. One is our fleet. You know, we put about 14,500 trucks on the street a day around the U.S. and Canada. And by the end of this year, about 60% of those vehicles are going to be running on compressed natural gas," continued Morris. "So in terms of fleet availability, cleanliness, you know, those types of things. We feel like our fleet strategies, part of what's driving our sustainability efforts. If you go over to the post-collection side of the business, right, what we do with the material after we pick it up, you know, in our landfills we have over a hundred landfill gas to energy plants. And in fact, now we're building, we've got three that are built and another handful that are coming online. We're actually taking the methane out of the landfill, putting it through a process of cleaning it up and converting it to natural gas, putting it back in the pipeline and fueling our trucks in other places. So it's really closing the loop."

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