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Warren Buffett's Brooks Launches NYC Marathon Inspired Running Shoe

Brooks is one of the best known brands for long distance runners.

Runners from around the world are lacing up for the New York City Marathon on Sunday and after months of preparation and countless hours of training the single most important piece of gear they'll be wearing on Sunday is their running shoes. One of the best known brands for long distance runners is Brooks. The Seattle-based athletic shoe and apparel company has been a long-time supporter of running events around the country. Brooks, which is subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A), was acquired in 2006. This year, the sneaker maker launched the Bright Lights, Big City Adrenaline GTS 16 for both men and women. The $150 'concept shoe' is meant to mimic the bright lights of Manhattan's Times Square. Brooks' North American General Manager said the company has seen a boost from the health and wellness craze here in the U.S. 'Whether it’s government policy or just corporations getting people moving, it is feeding our industry. Every single race in America is growing because people are moving and for us, it is absolutely feeding our industry and our revenues.' While Sheridan stopped short of saying whether Warren Buffett is a runner, he said 'Warren moves. He moves quicker than any of us and he’s always supporting Brooks and cheering everyone on.' TheStreet's Rhonda Schaffler has details from Wall Street.

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