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Want to Make a Difference on Giving Tuesday? Consider These Charities

Take the hassle out of donating and go with a trustworthy option from Charity Navigator.

Giving Tuesday's purpose is just what the name suggests - to give back. However, how do you know if your donations are actually finding its way to the people or animals you want to help? That's where sites like come in, their charity ratings and insistence on transparency gives you an idea of how your money is being used. 

Here are five of the top rated charities, but there are hundreds of other worthy organizations just a click away. 

The Children's Aid Society is given a 93.43 rating and "works..provide each child with the support and opportunities needed to become a happy, healthy and productive adult. CAS fills the gaps between what children deserve and what life has dealt them."

The Robin Hood foundation is given a 90.73 rating and they "...partner with more than 240 of the best poverty-fighting nonprofit organizations in New York City. We initiate and run projects when we see unmet community needs. And we created and operate a 9/11 Relief Fund."

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TheStreet Recommends

Unicef USA is given a 84.39 rating and "The U.S. Fund for UNICEF raises funds for UNICEF's work on child survival, child development, child protection and emergencies."

The World Wildlife Fund is given a 83.01 rating and "work to preserve the diversity and abundance of life on Earth and the health of ecological systems by: protecting natural areas and wild populations of plants and animals."

The American Kidney Fund is given a 94.69 rating and "..has become the leading source of direct financial aid to dialysis patients across the nation. In 2015, more than 93,000 people--1 out of every 5 dialysis patients in the United States--received assistance from the American Kidney Fund for health insurance premiums and other treatment-related expenses"

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