Want To Buy Samsung's Foldable Phone? Be Ready To Spend $1980

The world's first foldable phone was introduced Wednesday. Consumers can expect to be able to purchase it in April.
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Samsung announced the first foldable phone on Wednesday.

During a press event in San Francisco, Samsung unveiled the new phone, which it calls the Galaxy Fold.

This phone that folds out into a tablet.

When the phone is folded, it has a 4.6 inch display and once it opens, it widens to 7.3 inch screen.

While unveiling the phone, Justin Denison, the Senior VP of Product Marketing at Samsung said," We are creating a new dimension for your phone and your life,"

"It doesn't even define a new category; it defies a new category," he added.

Customers have to pay a whooping $1,980 once the phone hits the store on April 26.