The battle is on ...

Between Walmart (WMT - Get Report) and Amazon (AMZN - Get Report) that is.

Walmart will offer free next-day delivery on up to 220,000 items on its online store with orders over $35.

The retail giant's announcement comes after Amazon's decision to speed up its free delivery option for Prime members from two-day to one-day delivery and after the company said it would invest $800 million this quarter to make the switch happen.

What is the big takeaway for retail investors? 

Real Money's Kevin Curran weighs in.

"I think that it's actually a good thing that now Walmart has it, they have more infrastructure. And when Amazon has to go and spend $800 million to build out the infrastructure to do next day shipping, maybe Walmart doesn't have to do that type of capital expenditure," Curran said.

"It can now compete on the level of convenience that Amazon has. And that's going to put kind of all of the other retailers in the space behind the eight ball. Because if consumers are gonna move to a convenience first metric than Target  (TGT - Get Report) or Costco  (COST) or other types of retailers might fall behind as far as not addressing that e-commerce opportunity there," he added.

While Walmart sells fewer products than Amazon, it still has one big advantage over Amazon: It has more than 4,700 stores.

Walmart is Real Money's Stock of the Day.

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