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What Wall Street Wants for Christmas

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Holidays and gifts go hand in hand. Usually, people set aside a budget for gifts to buy during holidays.

According to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey of holiday spending, an average American will spend $659 gifts for family, friends and co-workers in 2019.

Interesting, right? But if you're looking for a unique...and financially responsible gift, consider shopping for stocks. 

We spoke to some traders at the New York Stock Exchange to determine which stocks they want to find under the tree. 

One of the traders seemed pretty much impressed with Berkshire Hathaway undefined.

“If I was going to give a gift of stock this year, and this is not a recommendation to buy it, but I would give shares of Berkshire Hathaway A,” said Frank T. Masiello, CEO at TradeMas Inc.

“The guy (Warren Buffet) that runs that company has some idea what he is doing,” he added.

Want to know what others have to say? Watch the video above. 

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