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Nightmare on Wall Street: Spooky Terms Explained

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It's that spooky time of year, where trick-or-treaters play dress up in their favorite costume and go house-to-house to get a bag full of treats. Yes, that's right, it's Halloween.

Though Halloween can be one of the scariest nights of the year, it isn't just for kids.

Wall Street also has its own fair share of the Halloween scaries with these terms that can happen all year round.

Here are a few:

  • Graveyard Market: Refers to bear markets in which investors can't sell their holdings without suffering large losses while other investors, wary of the bear market, decide not to invest at all.
  • Voodoo Accounting: When a company uses some highly suspicious accounting methods to disguise what's really going on with business.
  • Death Play: The strategy of buying or short-selling a stock with the expectation that the move will prove lucrative should a company executive die.
  • Dead Cat Bounce: Refers to the momentary jump in the price of a stock after a major decline.

Curious to know what other spooky terms there are? Watch the video to learn the meaning of Corporate Cannibalism, Witching, Zombie Companies/Stocks, Phantom Stocks, and Jekyll and Hyde.

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