Wall Street Remembers 9/11: NYSE Traders Recall Their Personal Experiences

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Wall Street marked a day of grievance, and one that almost everyone remembers. 

The day when the whole country came into standstill - September 11, 2001.

"I remember the whole day, I remember everything afterwards," said Peter M. Tuchman, Trader at the New York Stock Exchange, who was also working on the floor that day. "As we walked up to the Stock Exchange up to the building, we got sort of thrust in there and we went into a lockdown situation," he added.

Another trader John M. Monaco, who was also working at the Stock Exchange on that day also have a vivid memory of that day.

"We saw a lot of people really get together and work as one, which was a very nice thing. It was the first time that I saw the country come together," he said. " It was a very positive in the retrospect of a nation that put their bickering aside and wanted to as one respond to what had happened to us. That was the most impressive thing that I saw."

The U.S. markets were closed for four days during that time, which was also the single longest closure since 1933.

A memorial service took place for the 9/11 victims this morning at the World Trade Center. 

Steve Delamar, 63, from Central Islip, New York was there to offer his prayers. Delamar, who also lost his friend in that attack said, " I just hope one day that everybody gets peace."

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