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How to Break Diversity Barriers on Wall Street

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Jason Bedasse CEO of Corlex Capital, minority-owned private equity and consulting firm, sat down with TheStreet to discuss diversity on Wall Street and what financial firms can do to reach the diversity goals they've publicly set in recent months. 

"Finance has a lot of acronyms and terms that are specialized to the industry. And just because it's a specialized industry doesn't mean it has to be complicated. We need to do a better job of simplifying the terms and making this industry much less intimidating to those who are outside of it. That alone would help with inclusion and diversity of candidates", says Bedasse.

Watch an excerpt of Bedasse's interview above. 

The interview is part of a month-long project that TheStreet produced in honor of Black History Month. The thought-provoking series highlights the history of African-Americans on Wall Street as well as shines a light on a way forward to a more inclusive financial hierarchy. 

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