VZ Wireless Chief Network Officer: The U.S. Needs More Women in Tech to Succeed

Nicki Palmer, Chief Network Officer at Verizon Wireless, became an engineer because she was raised, and encouraged, by one. Now she's trying to encourage other girls to follow her lead.
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Getting more girls involved in the science and technology fields must begin in the classrooms.

We need more teachers to extol the virtues of tech and science. Even more importantly, we need more female teachers standing in the front of those classrooms.

Granted, it's changing - just not fast enough.

We need women -- who make up half the workforce -- to partake in the technological revolution if our country wants to continue to succeed, warns Nicki Palmer, Chief Network Officer of Verizon Wireless VZ.

Palmer was raised by an engineer and encouraged to become one too. Now she's hoping to spread her enthusiasm for the field. 

"Tech is a part of everything we do...from fashion to agriculture....," she says.

So listen in on her thoughts of how we can get more girls involved.

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