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Silent and Not So Deadly: Meet Volvo's Newest Electric Truck

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Clean, green, zero emission-trucks that aren't emitting noxious fumes, pollutants and contributing to global warming... 

And that are silent.

The silent part is what Volvo Trucks North America President Peter Voorhoeve is particularly excited about, especially in New York City, where regular smog, pollution and noise pollution go hand in hand. 

Volvo on Thursday rolled out its first set of VNR Electric Class 8 regional hauling trucks on the east coast, with the first five joining Manhattan Beer Distributors’ fleet of more than 400 delivery trucks serving 25,000 customers.

Besides having a range of more than 150 miles per charge and emitting zero emissions, the trucks are silent: no noisy idling while loading and unloading or, as is more often the case in the Big Apple, idling in traffic.

"Emissions, congestion and noise are all major challenges that face heavy-duty trucking, especially in urban centers like New York City," Voorhoeve told TheStreet's Corey Goldman. "This is just the beginning of Volvo Trucks' path toward wide-scale commercial deployment of battery-electric trucks."

Watch the video above to learn more about Volvo's VNR class of electric trucks, and when you might see -- but not hear -- one in your neighborhood.

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