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Viking Cruises CEO on New Destinations, and Why He's Not Taking the Company Public

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Viking Cruise announced that it's going to launch cruises going to the Antarctic and Antarctica in two years. 

Torstein Hagen, Viking Cruises chairman and founder, joined TheStreet to talk about the new cruises and to break down the cruise industry. 

 Hagen explained the new offerings:

"Well, the news we announced here in Los Angeles yesterday that the two new expedition ships will be starting in two years' time. They will go to Antarctic and Antarctica. And the bigness is really that in the summer one of them will go to the Great Lakes, which is an area that has been greatly underserved in my mind. It's a beautiful part of this country and Canada and, our guests are people that like to probably cruise closer to home in the future. So I think we will have a very good product offer," he said. 

And why isn't he interested in taking the company public?

Well, you'll just have to watch the video above to find out. 

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