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Video: BMW Exec Says 'Shrink It and Pink It' Marketing Toward Women Should End

Let's face it.  When you think of girls - many people think pink!  But, when it comes to marketing that pink color toward women - it can be a BIG mistake. Especially when it comes to motorcycle riding and apparel. At the recent AimExpo in Ohio, we caught up with a BMW exec who tells us why it can be a turn off for customers. Watch the video.

Well, when it comes to marketing for women, some might think bright colors, specifically pink will draw them in. Think again! After speaking with National Marketing Manager for BMW Motorrad USA, Sarah Schilke she specifically mentioned that companies who go too far to target the female audience can "be a turn off."

"We have a saying in marketing, if you just shrink it and pink it, then that's going to be what you need for the women's market. And it's not necessarily true because yes we need apparel especially motorcycle apparel in smaller sizes for women, but we also need plus sizes as well," Schilke said. 

The whole concept of "pinkification" has been somewhat offensive to women. BIC Pens 'For Her' is a perfect example of how marketers completely missed the mark. In 2012 they marketed the pen having features like an "elegant design-just for her!" The fact was of the matter is, it was still a pen, like both men and women use, the only big difference was its soft colors, particularly the pink ones. Examples like this is why Schilke went on to discuss how women are noticing things like that and turning their backs. 

"Yes a lot of women like pink, a lot of women don't like pink and so a lot of women will be turned off either by the pinkness or just by the fact that manufacturers are going way overboard or maybe misunderstanding what a woman really wants out of a product," Schilke said.

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Motorcycling is a sport for not only men but women as well, so BMW as well as other companies are keeping that in mind when producing new bikes. 

"We have a lot of women who are riding our GS Adventure bikes, they have their own communities and they're really excited to see when BMW has a woman featured in an ad or when we're at an event that's catering to them, they just want to know that they're recognized as viable customers," said Schilke. 

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