Video: Polaris CEO Says the Motorcycle Industry Needs to Focus on the Youth

The CEO of Polaris, Scott Wine, is openly talking about how the motorcycle industry needs to be more innovative in order to draw in a younger crowd.
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You know there's something going on in the motorcycle industry when both the CEO of Harley-Davidson (HOG - Get Report) and Polaris (PII - Get Report) go on a stage together to discuss the future of motorcycles. That's what happened at the American International Motorcycle Expo @AIMExpo this year. 

CEO of Polaris Scott Wine emphasized that the motorcycle community has a long way to go in order to get more buyers.

"We're barely more than half, the U.S. Motorcycle Industry of where we were in 2004. Now you can take it as a glass half empty or a glass half full, I say we've got a long way to grow from here," said Wine.

From the speech we are certain he sees the glass half full, because that means the motorcycle industry can have a chance to be more innovative with their technology and software.

"And then technology, Larry mentioned it earlier I mean there's the future of kids are looking down at a screen all the time, we got to be able to play where they play," said Wine.

Just as the CEO of Harley-Davidson Matt Levatich mentioned in his speech he highlighted working together as a team. He stated that the motorcycle market on a global scale is a $54B industry and "there's enough for all of us to prosper if we get this right."

How are they planning on getting more customers? Easy. Start with the youth. Polaris has been making strides in order to give back to the community and join partnerships. One of which was the Boy Scouts of America. Wine says that by giving them the user experience they are opening doors for new potential customers. 

"Boy scouts are our customers, giving them the opportunity to learn how to ride safely expands the industry.  It's an investment for us but it's an investment for our industry and our future," said Wine. Read:Harley-Davidson CEO: How We Are Trying to Get More People to Ride Motorcycles

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