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Video: Kawasaki's $55,000 Ninja H2R Is the Baddest, Meanest Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson, Polaris owned Indian and Ducati were no doubt doing a double takes at this year's AIMExpo when Kawasaki put its Ninja H2R on display. This premium machine is so bad, it's not even street legal! Must see video with all the features that make it worth the whopping $55,000 price tag.

Harley-Davidson (HOG) - Get Harley-Davidson, Inc. Report , BMW (BMWYY) , Indian (owned by Polaris (PII) - Get Polaris Inc. Report ), and hell, even Ducati should be shaking in their leather motorcycle boots over Kawasaki's premium and most expensive motorcycle--the $55,000 Ninja H2R for 2018!

Kawasaki fans need no introduction to Kawasaki's Ninja series. But, for you weekend warriors and wannabe adrenaline junkies, let me set the scene. This newest limited edition bad boy is not meant for commuting to your cushy Wall Street job. It's not meant for moseying on weekends to Trader Joe's, farmer markets or a pumpkin spice latte in upstate New York.

This motorcycle has so much horsepower that this speed demon is NOT EVEN STREET LEGAL. Yes, you read right. This Japanese-made motorcycle is as close to hand built as you can get.

Sticker Shock: The Motorcycle Price

How much is the Ninja H2R? Take a deep breath. It sells for a whopping $55,000. A few cool facts: this machine is hand painted in Japan, has hand laid carbon fiber, and yes, production is limited! In case you're wondering, "where the heck would I ride this thing?" This hyper charged super sport edition is meant for closed track racing. If you didn't notice, I said "limited edition." Haven't placed your order? You're in luck, the ordering period is until Nov. 30.

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Just how fast does it go? Wait for it: 206-249 mph. 

If street legal is more your thing, check out the Ninja H2 ($28,000) or the Ninja H2 Carbon ($31,000). A roundup of Kawasaki's hottest motorcycles comes later so be sure to check out the site later or follow us on Twitter.

AIMExpo 2017: Motorcycle Gawking Happening

As part of the media getting a preview of the AimExpo 2017 show, my producer and I collectively said "wow" when we saw this motorcycle. There's something memorizing about the colors, intense black with a pop of green. The bike entertained a constant stream of onlookers. Men and women of all ages staring at the bike and doing a double take when they looked at the price tag. Eventually whipping out their Apple iPhones to take a selfie. Even I got caught up in that crowd mentality and snapped a few shots of TheStreet's producer Vanessa Fayzulin, you can see her here as I was interviewing Ken Essex, PR & Race Marketing, Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.

Editors' pick: Originally published Sept. 26.