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Video: 5 Insane McDonald's Meals You Can Only Try Abroad

Ronald McDonald is no stranger to bizarre menu items or playing around with its menu to invigorate its customers. (It's latest attempt to redo the Happy Meal might be the pushing it though.) But check out some of the weirder items we found when we checked out the menus at McDonald's restaurants around the world.
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In heavy competition with Wendy's (WEN) and Burger King (QSR) , McDonald's (MCD) has recently upped its game, launching new items to cater to fast-food hating millennials while still attempting to appease its core audience with the re-release of its beloved dollar menu. 

Such innovation has led artisan chicken sandwiches with guac to share a spot with $1 cheeseburgers.

And in a more desperate attempt, now it's making changes to its Happy Meal, which we think they should just kill once and for all.

But McDonald's certainly doesn't limit experimenting with new products to the U.S. If you grab a passport and hop on a plane, you're likely to find that international McDonald's menus diverge from the American menu you know and...tolerate. 

We checked out some new offerings in India, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia and Malaysia and these new menu additions caught our eye. Which would you try?

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Editors' Pick: Originally published Aug. 22.