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Behind the Label: Tyson Food



An Arkansas farmer, John W. Tyson, founded Tyson Feed & Hatchery and began delivering chickens to larger markets in the Mid-West.



Delivering chickens by airplane began, it was called 'Flying Chickens'


The company diversified and focused on selling feed, chicks and transportation of chickens to market.


Tyson opened the first processing plant at the Randall Road in Arkansas spending $90,000.


The company went public as Tyson's Foods, Inc.


Mexican Original, a flour and corn tortilla processing plant in Arkansas, was purchased.


Global sales began Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Russia and others.


IBP, inc. was acquired, making it the world's largest processor and marketer of pork, beef and chicken.


The company was fined $7.5 million for illegally dumping untreated wastewater.


Tyson acquires Hillshire Brands


Tyson joins the plant-based meat craze, rolling out pea protein chicken nuggets

A simple idea can bring a huge change and that's exactly what happened with Tyson Foods, Inc. (TSN - Get Report)

It was during the 1930's when an Arkansas farmer saw huge business opportunity by delivering chickens. John W. Tyson saw that there was huge demand for chickens in the mid-west. 

So, what did he do?

Tyson started delivering them, of course.  At one point, he expanded his business by launching 'Flying Chickens', his first airline delivery service.

And the company continues to diversify today, adding plant-protein chicken to its portfolio. Watch the video to learn more about Tyson Foods.

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