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The Sectors Jim Cramer Is Watching in 2020

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Happy New Year. 

Jim Cramer is back from vacation.

So, what sectors does he have his eye on going into 2020?

Well, after the news that the U.S. had killed a top Iranian general in a military strike late Thursday night, Cramer said that he's got his eye on two sectors in particular: the banking sector and oil. 

Although, he notes that he's not drawn in by oil just yet, but crude soared following the military strike, which might make it tempting for some investors.

"I continue to think the banking sector looks cheap. I'm not drawn by the oil sector, but if you want to speculate, it's Pioneer PXD. I continue to believe that companies that are levered to a weak dollar. We had a real weak dollar. Nine straight weeks down, you gotta look at those. I remain committed to...if any of the industrials do come down, they tend not to come down. I'd like to buy them. Uh, and there are some stocks that yield three that we've been buying at Action Alerts [PLUS]. I like them too," said Cramer.  

Watch the full video above for more.

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