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Annie: 00:06 Is it possible to host a social media summit without social media companies? We are about to find out on Thursday. The White House is hosting a social media summit and conspicuously Facebook, Twitter, and youtube were not invited. President Trump believes those platforms have a bias against his agenda, and to be fair, not a lot of people these days are very happy with how those platforms are moderating their content. In fact, is one issue that could gain support across the political aisle as more lawmakers and regulators move to regulate big tech. For more on big tech regulation, check out

The White House has scheduled a social media summit for this week, but major platforms won't be there. 

Trump didn't invite Facebook (FB - Get Report) , Twitter  (TWTR - Get Report) or YouTube (GOOG - Get Report) to the summit, instead extending invited to various right-wing publishers, the AP reported on Tuesday. 

While the exact reasons for Trump's criticisms aren't clear, he isn't alone in his belief that social platforms don't do a very good job at moderating content. 

Content moderation is one of several areas that lawmakers have signaled an interest in regulating, along with data privacy, antitrust and tax avoidance among major tech companies. 

For more on what to expect from the White House Social Media Summit, watch the video above.

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