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How Will Impeachment Hearings Impact The Market?

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How much do impeachment headlines actually impact the markets?

Well, TheStreet's reporter Tony Owusu took us back in history.

"It depends on the macro environment, honestly," he said. "And if you go back to 1973, you had a lot of things going on. You have the OPEC oil embargo. You had a recession in '73. You also had a weak dollar during the Nixon impeachment proceedings. That's impede dropped 14% in '73 and another 26% in '74."

"However, during President Clinton's impeachment's hearings. The S&P rose 20%, both years," he added.

On the other hand, Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst with Action Alerts Plus, suggested to "block out the noise of what's going on." 

"I am going to focus a lot [on] the macro," he said.

President Trump referenced the impeachment hearings when he spoke to the New York Economic Club on Tuesday, Nov. 12. 

Watch the video above for the full discussion. 

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