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What You Need to Know About the Trump Economy During the Democratic Debates

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The 2020 Presidential campaign season kicks into high gear with the first Democratic debate.

Even with more than 20 candidates, you can bet talk about the economy will be the real star of the show.

And, then, there's President Trump. He'll no doubt be waiting in the wings, ready to tweet.

So, before it all begins - let's set the stage...

Today, we're taking a look at President Trump by the numbers.

He likes to tout the United States' economic performance under his leadership as being unprecedented. And indeed, the economy has been trending in a positive direction when measured by GDP growth and historically low unemployment.

To be clear, the performance of the economy is one of the president's greatest selling points heading into 2020.

But there is some concern that Trump could shoot himself in the foot when it comes to the health of the economy due to his insistence on using tariffs on China as the main bargaining tool in his effort to reduce the trade deficit.

This, coupled with his liberal (to put it mildly) use of Twitter to get his economic points across, and you have a volatile market that is literally just one tweet away from disaster on a daily basis.

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