Can You Name the Companies Behind These Clever Stock Tickers?

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You have to admit... some companies are downright cheeky when it comes to picking their stock symbols.

Slack, the cloud based company that helps company's communicate, used the ticker is  (WRK) - Get Report when they debuted on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday, June 20th.

There are very few rules to choosing a stock symbol. The NYSE requires companies to submit their first, second and third picks before sending to shareholders. The NYSE rarely rejects a ticker - unless it offends sensibilities.

How well do you know the companies behind the tickers?

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Don't spoil your video watching! But, for SEO, we gotta list the tickers.  Here are the ones in the video above:  (BUD) - Get Report , BUNZ (once traded on the Nasdaq, now privately owned), (FIZZ) - Get Report , (MOO) - Get Report , (CAKE) - Get Report . Watch the video, it's so fun.

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