Trading Tariffs: Wait for the Dust to Clear Before Buying

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It has been a week.

But some investors may not be too happy that it's Friday and we're ending a rough week with a tweet from the Tweeter-in-Chief himself.

Trump tweeted Thursday afternoon that he was planning on implementing an additional 10% in tariffs on China starting September 1st. 

Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst, weighed in on what investors should do post-tweet because we've seen similar tweets about tariffs, which haven't panned out.

He also discussed the market Friday and his thoughts on how investors should watch the markets.

"I mean, it's a Friday. It's going to be like, you know, a low volume day. A lot of traders--they're already out on their vacation plans already. So, I don't expect anyone to see like any like aggressive buying on this dip. At least not right away," said Marks.

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