Trading Strategies: Will the Market's Upward Momentum Continue Into October?

In October's edition of TheStreet's monthly Trading Strategies roundtable, former NYSE trader Stephen Guilfoyle said he anticipates September's unlikely upward momentem to continue throughout the quarter.
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Despite September's notorious reputation for being the stock market's worst month of the year, the S&P 500 actually rose 1.7% this September. 

Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle, a former New York Stock Exchange trader and panelist on TheStreet's latest Trading Strategies roundtable, said that this past month may have bucked the trend due to renewed hope regarding tax reform and hawkish talk from the Fed. Noting that most of the movement actually happened at the end of the month, he also attributed the upward trend to notable forward movement in the small caps and transports. 

As we move into earnings season and the ECB meeting at the end of this month, Guilfoyle said there is potential for sideways movement or even a small pullback, but all-in-all, he anticipates upward movement to continue throughout the quarter. 

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