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Trading Retailers After Hours Is Like Throwing Money in the Pizza Oven

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Are you trading after hours? 

If you are, you might just be burning that money. 

Or so Jim Cramer thinks. 

He thinks that the after-hours traders got the retail earnings wrong.

"Well I mean like it's forgiving because what's happened is, if you read Ross (ROST) - Get Free Report stores, the whole conference call is about how they blew women's apparel. If you read Urban Outfitters (URBN) - Get Free Report , the whole conference call is about how they did some misdirected fashion and didn't execute well. So, in a vacuum, you would think that Ross would be down to 91 and Urban would be at 29, which is where they were at night, and it turned out that the, again, the cowboys, the people who insist on trading after hours, got it completely wrong," he said.

"I really think that whoever's doing that, if you're watching, stop losing money. It's a really terrible thing," said Cramer. "I mean, if I wanna do it, and you guys do, I'm building a very interesting fireplace in Italy, it's so I can make pizzas, and I think that I want these traders to come over with me to Tuscany and take money and let me start the fire with their money. Because it's more useful to make a pizza with that money than to put it and sell Dollar Tree (DLTR) - Get Free Report with it, or to short it."

He continued, "I wanna take their money, which they're losing, by trading after hours and start a fire so that we can really get some money pizzas going. Last time we had a clam pizza and we had a brussel sprout pizza. It was delicious. They were both good. I have to cut back, I've gained too much weight since the Long Shorement, but these guys would be great because we're chronically short wood, so we'll just take all the money that they run and we'll burn it. It's better use, it's more useful than what they do."

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