How Investors Can Protect Their Portfolios in the Second Half of 2019

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Alright, investors.

It's time to parse through some of the biggest headlines driving the market this week. 

Greg Hahn, CIO of Winthrop Capital Management, broke down what investors should be paying attention to when it comes to the U.S.-China trade talks. 

Here's what Hahn had to say. 

"So, we are not expecting anything like we were the last go around with the trade talks. We expect some marginal wins. But in terms of China changing its laws and protecting intellectual property, we're told that that's been taken off the table," said Hahn. 

Hahn also broke down what he's watching in the markets going into the second half of 2019.

"We thought margin pressure would contribute to slower earnings. So, we are seeing slower earnings than with the margin pressure would come from three areas. Labor costs, rising raw material costs, and rising interest rates. That was back at the beginning of the year," said Hahn. "And what we've seen now is a sharp decline in interest rates. So interest expense as a, as a part of margin pressure isn't really coming through. So it's really rising. Labor costs is going to be the issue. And then obviously with the relocation of supply chains, but raw material costs are a part of that as well."

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