Top Stories Wednesday: Coronavirus, New Hampshire Primary and BP

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This morning, we’re updating you on the coronavirus, the New Hampshire primary and BP.

The coronavirus officially has a name - COVID-19

The virus has killed over 1,100. It’s infected around 45,000 people.

And Carnival’s Princess Cruises Diamond Princess, the cruise ship off the coast of Japan, now has 175 confirmed cases of the virus.

China’s is looking to hire over 20,000 positions, some of which are temporary, to help, and I quote, “minimize the impact of the epidemic on employment in the short term.”

The positions will include warehouse workers, drivers and couriers.

And we have a winner, folks.

Bernie Sanders took home the New Hampshire primary last night. Pete Buttgieg came in a very close second, with Amy Klobuchar clenching third.

Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden came in fourth and fifth.

And then there’s Real Money Stock of the Day BP.

BP has set a net-zero 2050 carbon target.

According to CEO Bernard Looney, this is something that will require “fundamental changes” at the company.

The change will include a new leadership team, and a focus on four core divisions: production and operation, customers and products, gas and low carbon energy and, finally, energy, innovation and engineering.

"This will certainly be a challenge, but also a tremendous opportunity. It is clear to me, and to our stakeholders, that for BP to play our part and serve our purpose, we have to change," said Looney.

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