Quantifying Tom Brady's Financial Impact on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will benefit financially from having Tom Brady in uniform, even if his on-field performance fails to live up to expectations. One model from Block Six Analytics indicates that the Bucs addition of the 6-time Super Bowl champion would be worth at least a $20 million increase to the team’s top line.

On top of that, the Bucs have already begun to reap the benefits of having Brady on their team. Word of the star's imminent signing sparked a rush of new season ticket sales—fans reported virtual lines 6,000 people long—and The Athletic reported that the team will raise pricing on all non-club level tickets by 15% for the 2020 season.

Brady's presence should also give the Bucs the opportunity to grow local sponsorship, broadcast and corporate hospitality revenues.

It's also possible that Block Six Analytics’ $20 million estimate is conservative. There is actually a $35 million delta between Brady’s ‘Revenue Above Replacement’ (RAR) model and that of Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston, the starter last season.

The current economic environment makes it unlikely the team will realize the entirety of the projected incremental growth, but as Eventellect co-founder Patrick Ryan pointed out, they should be able to capture a large portion of it from just increasing their ticketing revenue.

“Some quick back of the napkin math would indicate that if the Bucs sold an additional 10,000 tickets/game at $100/per it would get them to $10 million,” said Ryan.

Tampa averaged just 50,728 fans/game last season (30th in the league) in a building that seats 65,890.

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