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Timing Is Perfect for U.S. Women's Soccer to Demand Equal Pay - Tiki Barber

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Fresh off of their second consecutive World Cup win, the U.S. Women's National Team is well positioned to demand equal pay as the men's team, according to former NFL running back and co-founder of Grove Group Management Tiki Barber. 

As the team celebrates their win with a ticker tape parade down Broadway in New York City, the buzz around the team has become a platform for social equity. 

"I think their timing is perfect? They filed the lawsuit before the women's World Cup kicked off a couple of weeks ago. Um, and they're making a statement. If they had done this a year ago, we wouldn't have paid attention," the former Pro Bowler told The Street. "It was, it was emotionally lifting to watch our US women win the World Cup in the fashion that they did it and then to bring a message along behind it. One that's important to be told, and one that I think they have a legitimate gripe for is fantastic."

The U.S. team filed a lawsuit against the U.S. soccer governing body alleging "institutional gender discrimination" on March 8 ahead of this summer's World Cup. 

FIFA, the global governing body for the World Cup, pays out a $400 million prize to the men's soccer tournament winners, while the women only receive a $30 million payout. 

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