Tim Biggam Post-Fed Market Analysis and Options Position Update

Tim Biggam reviews the broader markets following the Fed announcement yesterday
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In today's Traders Exclusive, Tim Biggam discusses the moves in equity markets following the Fed's announcement that monetary policy will remain largely unchanged for "a considerable time." He believes the Fed's statement indicates rates will remain unchanged until mid-2015. Biggam notes that both the OECD and IMF recently came out with statements suggesting that equity markets look frothy, but in his view this will be inconsequential until we get a real move in rates because at the current time, stocks are the only place to find yield. Gold and gold miners look interesting, according to Biggam, in that they have come down to major long term support levels on the price charts. He suggests selling put spreads to position for sideways or slightly bullish action, and is also looking to sell out of the money call options on momentum names such as FB, GPRO, and TSLA.