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Why Tiki Barber Was Attracted to the Cannabis Industry

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Former NFL running back Tiki Barber has been busy since his retirement 12 years ago, founding several companies and becoming a media personality, but the chance for social progress concerning minorities and cannabis laws drew Barber into co-founding Grove Group Management.

Grove Group is an investment fund founded by Barber and Kevin Shin that focuses on the nascent cannabis industry. 

"It was an economic opportunity, but also there's a social progress component that
he thought I would be interested in. And I think we all are aware of the, the drug policies of the 70's in the 80's that caused mass incarceration and the decimation of some of our communities, particularly minority communities. And how that's true, that's in the process of being corrected," Barber told TheStreet. 

While at heart Barber is an entrepreneur, he saw an opportunity to not only make money but to also correct some of the social injustices involving minority incarceration and cannabis, which is being increasingly decriminalized. 

"Obviously I was an entrepreneur and someone who's opportunistic. I saw the, the economic benefit down the line, um, but also how you can do well, um, and then do good at the same time," Barber said. 

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