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Dave Portnoy Isn't Sweating Thursday's Market Selloff

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Jim Cramer sat down with Dave Portnoy to talk about the new BUZZ ETF, which Portnoy has been discussing on Twitter and helped launch, and GameStop and, of course, the selloff in the market that we've seen this week.

"You have bad days like this, for sure and it's been a bad week...I've been doing this now for a year and it's going to take a month of these bad days for me to start sweating like 'oh, I'm getting back to even.' So, you know, it's a correction...I'd love it to go up every single day, I would prefer not to have a bloodbath when I launch an ETF but those are the breaks," Portnoy told Cramer. 

 Watch the full interview with Cramer and Portnoy here.

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