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Thursday Coronavirus Update: U.K. Surpasses Spain's Death Toll

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Here's your daily coronavirus update on Thursday, April 30.

There are over 3.2 million cases of the coronavirus worldwide, with 229,000 fatalities, per data from Johns Hopkins.

The U.S. has over a million cases and over 60,000 deaths.

New York has over 300,000 cases and 18,000 fatalities.

Now, looking worldwide, Spain has over 239,000 cases and 24,000 deaths. Italy, meanwhile, has 205,000 cases and 27,000 deaths.

The U.K., which has 166,000 cases has surpassed Spain in fatalities--the U.K. now has 26,000 deaths.

Switching back to the U.S., the U.S. Department of Labor released jobless claims early this morning.

According to the Department, claims totaled 3.8 million, which was higher than experts' expectations for 3.5 million.

This means that over 30 million people have filed for unemployment. There's a quick caveat to add, however, that there could be even higher unemployment since some states are still struggling to process the high volumes from calling in.

Wall Street will get the jobs report next week, which is expected to have unemployment in the double-digits. 

With about one in five of the U.S. working population now on unemployment benefits, analysts are all but certain that the U.S. jobs report for April will reveal a record-breaking double-digit gain in unemployment.

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