The Three Things to Keep In Mind With December 15 Tariffs Looming Over Markets

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Let's talk about the U.S.-China trade talks

On Monday, we got another headline, which stated that the Chinese were feeling "pessimistic" about the talks. 

And, with many market experts advising investors to just block out the noise or keep calm and carry on, investors who feel wary about the upcoming Dec. 15 tariffs, may be looking for some fresh advice. 

Art Hogan, chief market strategist at National, joined TheStreet's Tony Owusu and Katherine Ross to discuss his latest thoughts on the trade talks.

"We're in an election cycle. So, in an election cycle, most incumbent presidents that are running for re-election and try to do everything they can to see the economic growth in the election year, " said Hogan. " So my guess is we're going to have some good news choreographed around the election cycle, so I would relax right now and ignore some of the noise."

Want more on what Hogan and Owusu have to say? Watch the video above.

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