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3 Takeaways From Tesla's Earnings

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Tesla reported earnings after the bell Wednesday night.

So let’s break down the top three takeaways from the earnings report and the call.

And, if you follow @byKatherineRoss, or @TheStreet on Twitter, then you saw that I was live-tweeting the call.

So my first takeaway is about Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

He came off as very relaxed, and happy on the call. you could hear him laughing at times, and he even got a little sassy with analysts.

He bantered with analysts when asked whether or not Tesla was looking to make any acquisitions, he responded, “who should we acquire?”

Musk then followed up to say Tesla wasn't looking to make an acquisition at this time.

Now, Musk's demeanor could be attributed to the success Tesla had this quarter.

and Musk and CFO Zach Kirkhorn were happy to announce that it plans to start deliveries for the Model Y crossover by the end of Q1.

When Tesla unveiled the Model Y, it said deliveries would start in the fall of 2020.

And finally, Tesla is upping its Chinese Model 3 production.

In the report, Tesla noted that its goal is to increase Model 3 capacity due to strong initial customer response in China

And it noted that it has already broken ground on the next phase of its Shanghai Gigafactory.

Watch the video above for more.

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