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3 Stocks to Avoid in 2020

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Need some stocks to avoid?

Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle, Real Money contributor, broke down the three stocks he's telling investors to avoid in 2020.

But, if you're looking for positivity, Guilfoyle has also given his top five stock picks for investors in 2020

Want some hints? They include stocks such as ViacomCBS  (VIACA) , AbbVie  (ABBV) , and MasterCard  (MA)

So let's turn our attention to the stocks to avoid. 

First Pick: Shorting Tesla

Guilfoyle says that he's shorted Tesla  (TSLA) and lost one too many times. 

He likened it to playing with fire.

"Put your hand in a fire and ow," joked Guilfoyle. 

"So, actually the last couple of times I traded Tesla was from the long side and those were actually winning positions. But still I'd be really afraid to play Tesla in any other kind of size other than fun size because you just don't know how well this is going to play out," he noted. 

Second Pick: Netflix  

Really, Netflix?

"I would have put Netflix in this category and I still might because I think they end up being the loser down the road because they can't fund this business the way...Apple  (AAPL) can, the way Disney  (DIS) can," said Guilfoyle.

"I do think that their international growth is impressive though. So that gives me a little bit of pause, but I'm still not sure I want to be long Netflix," he noted.  

And Finally? Pfizer

Watch to find out why Guilfoyle is staying away from Pfizer  (PFE) despite the fact that he likes the pharmaceuticals. 

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