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3 Reasons This Bull Market Still Has Time to Party Near All-Time Highs

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Are you feeling like it's time to party, or are you a party pooper?

Real Money technical analyst Helene Meisler says that she's a party-pooper when it comes to the market

"Have you ever taken someone to a party and all she did was complain? You know what I mean. The food isn't good. The wine is bad or the beer is too warm. The music is too loud. Everyone is drunk. Well, I have become that person. Everyone is at this party we call the market, and all I can do is complain," Meisler wrote. "I really would prefer to love this market. As a slave to my statistics and indicators, however, I simply cannot."

Action Alerts PLUS senior portfolio analyst, Jeff Marks, says that he's not quite ready to leave the party just yet. 

"So, as I'm looking at the market as a whole...Three things going on, I think we have a Fed who is much more accommodative than they were a year ago when they were, you know, kind of hostile. Very focused on raising interest rates. Secondly, we have trade tensions that have eased, not fully but eased. And perhaps it is enough that businesses will start making some longer-term CapEx decisions," said Marks. 

For his full take, watch the video above. 

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