The Three Biggest Reasons Why Netflix Content Leaves

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How much do you know about Netflix's shows leaving? 

I'm sure that you've seen the articles or websites detailing what's coming and going from Netflix each month, but do you understand why?

Well, the answers may be simpler than you thought. And no, it's not just to annoy you or deprive you of your favorite content. 

Netflix details three reasons that it removes content from its website. 

The first reason is actually probably the reason that you've seen in the news. Yep, it's licensing.

Remember back in 2018 when Netflix had to pay $100 million to keep "Friends" on the service? Yeah, that was because of licensing. 

And, of course, now "The Office" has an end date on Netflix. NBC's license deal with Netflix ends in 2020, and NBC has announced that it plans on moving the show over to NBCUniversal's streaming service. 

The second reason? It's pretty straightforward. It has to do with the popularity and cost of the title. 

And, finally, there's the seasonality of the title. Which means that Christmas movie you've been dying to see by the pool in the 90 degree heat isn't likely. 

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