This Will Be the Breakout Star of 2019

Copper is set to shine, and it's all down to China
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Copper has the best potential of all the metals to outperform in 2019 based on fundamentals, said Edward Egilinsky, managing director of Alternative Investments at Direxion.

 "I think it would be copper on the standpoint of a deal with China, and also Chinese stimulus within their economy to boost the industrial metal," Egilinsky told Kitco News.

 On gold, the yellow metal's performance next year will be dependent on both the outcome of the ongoing trade war, as well as monetary policy in the U.S.

 "If we get a settlement in the trade wars with China, I believe that the dollar will probably weaken a little bit. Also right now, the Fed in the U.S. is concerned about a global slowdown, and as a result of that, maybe the Fed will cease to tighten as much as they are," he said, "if those two factors take place, then I would say it would be favorable for gold."

This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.