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This Market is Comparable to Getting Into a 'Fist Fight'

Take deep breaths. Experts are here to help.

Feeling a bit bruised?

Real Money contributor Stephen Guilfoyle breaks down why investors are feeling like they just got into a fight. Guilfoyle spoke on a Trading Strategies panel sponsored by Charles Schwab.

Get Up When You're Kicked Down By the Markets

If you're an investor who feels like the market just kicked your butt, Guilfoyle said, "When the markets act like this, you have to identify the problem, you have to adapt to the problem, you have to move these adjustments to what- you have to simplify as much as you can, now we just spoke about technology. Technology's broad, all right, you have the price for growth cloud, you have the price for value, semiconductors, but you need both of them all right?"

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Buy on the Down

"So, what did I buy this week? Who bought with me this week? Who was buying late on the day on Wednesday, and late in the day on Thursday? All right, you unsheathed your sword and you weighed it into the abyss right? And what did you doing Friday?" Said Guilfoyle. "You kind of watch it, actually I sold 40% on my JPMorgan (JPM) - Get JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) Report when Jamie Dimon opened his mouth, but what I was buying on Thursday late in the day was Salesforce (CRM) - Get, inc. Report , I was buying Adobe (ADBE) - Get Adobe Inc. Report , I was buying stocks that have been beaten down like Zora, Dropbox, I was buying cloud names, and I doubled my position at Amazon."

Don't Load Up More Than Once

"You get out, or you load up, and you might load up but don't load up more than once. The all the cost averaging is a bad idea where market's move against you, so you only take maybe two swings to this pitch, and then you say, 'All right, this was a mistake.' You never admit defeat, because when you admit defeat, you're defeated," said Guilfoyle. "As long as you just keep saying, "I'm not beat yet." It doesn't matter how much you're down, because you're still in the game. So, stay with me, stay mobile, read the crap I write, and let's get through this together."