Are You Putting Money in Your 401k? Jim Cramer Says Now's the Time

Jim Cramer has sage advice for newer investors.
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Are you putting money into your 401k?

Now is the time, according to Jim Cramer. 

Cramer said that towards the end of the year is when he's getting ready to contribute to his 401k. 

He's also got some other advice for millennials as we barrel towards the end of 2018.

What You Should Know About Your 401k

No one is too young to start thinking about retirement.

Those who are new to the workplace may not even know about their company's 401k plan.

Some of the younger generations don't even realize that the 401k is technically an investment.

Need some basic advice? Mr. Retirement himself is here to help. And, for those that want to start at the very beginning, TheStreet has some articles to cover what you need to know.

Investing With Apps

Do you understand investing? Are you relying on applications--such as Robinhood--to build your portfolio?

Retirement Daily editor Robert Powell has some advice for millennials who are trying to understand investing.

Alright, Millennials, listen up. How much do you really know about retirement? Have you even started planning for retirement yet?

Powell says it's time to kick off your planning.

Powell breaks down what Millennials need to know and more in an interview with TheStreet's Tony Owusu, Katherine Ross and Real Money's Kevin Curran. Listen to what he has to say here.

Need Some Investing Advice?

Here's some other advice on how to handle the market.