This 23-Year-Old Ford Research Engineer Holds at Least 15 Patents

You wouldn't believe how many patents this 23 year old Ford research engineer holds.
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Victoria Schein is a 23 year old Ford  (F) - Get Report  research engineer who holds at least 15 patents, her newest patent being a u-turn assist device.  Growing up with her father as an engineer and her interest in cars led her to Ford, where she interned and felt very comfortable at, despite being the only female on the team.

She studied engineering and art at the all-female Smith College, in Northampton, Mass. and found an internship at Ford Motor Company online.

Ford is supporting her along the way and encouraging young girls to follow her.

The auto company has taken an active role in promoting STEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) programs to high school kids around the country. And she even supports Robotics teams for grades K-12.

Ford also is involved with Girls Who Code, an organization that encourages girls to love and learn technology and is 40,000 girls strong.

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